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Complete Chopped Tour Pak

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****Our Fat Ass Series saddlebags are final here. The Fat Ass tall saddlebags are 4” extended and 2” wider than the stock bags. The Fat Ass short saddlebags are 2” wider saddlebag with the stock height. They can be installed on your touring bike by using the same rails and the same mounting hardware.

 ****Chest out our Best Seller: LW series Hard Saddlebags.  We now have the new colors in stock .

****We carry variety of Tour Paks, King size Tour Pak, Chopped Tour Pak and Razor Tour Pak. You can order them in different combination with Top Rails.

****The "Click On", the Ensure and the "Rigid" brackets are available as the optional items for the hard saddlebags. If you like to upgrade to these brackets, we'll credit you back $20 for the standard brackets.

****Free shipping for the DB trunk with purchase of the wrap around backrest, lower 48 states only

****Free shipping for the DMY trunk with purchase the two other optional items, lower 48 states only

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