RAW Finish FAIRING BODY KIT injection Molded fits Honda CBR250RR MC22 1990-1994

  • $189.00

Attention:  Before buying  the fairing kit, please check with the seller which method they use for making the fairing kit
Don't buy the Thermal Press (or Hand made Mold) Fairing, you will regret!!!
The cost for these fairing is 1/10 of the cost comparing to Machined injection molded ABS Plastic
How can you tell if it's a Thermal Press Fairing?
1) Not smooth surface, require sanding and patching
2) Not uniform shape
3) No reinforce bars  
4) Easy to cracking
4) Use supper glue for the mounting points 


Buy the ones which made from machined injection molded ABS Plastic.

Complete Fairing kit, Shipped from US.

Made from Machined Injection ABS plastic, Same spec. and material as the OEM 

Fits: Honda CBR250RR MC22 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994

Made of ABS plastic injection mold.  Match the Spec. of the OEM parts.

Color: Raw Black ABS plastic 

11 pieces


Contains: Everything as seen in the picture

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